HP Officejet 6210 - Set the answer mode

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Set the answer mode

The answer mode determines whether your HP all-in-one answers incoming calls or
not. If you set up the HP all-in-one to answer faxes automatically (the

Auto Answer

light is on), it answers all incoming calls and receives faxes. If you set up the HP all-in-
one to answer faxes manually (the

Auto Answer

light is off), you must be available to

respond in person to the incoming fax call, or your HP all-in-one will not receive faxes.
For more information on receiving faxes manually, see

Receive a fax manually


If you do not know which answer mode to use, see

Choose the recommended answer

mode for your setup


➔ Press the

Auto Answer

button to set the answer mode.

When the

Auto Answer

light is on, your HP all-in-one automatically answers

calls. When the light is off, your HP all-in-one does not answer calls.