HP Officejet 6210 - Change the answer ring pattern (distinctive ringing)

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Change the answer ring pattern (distinctive ringing)

Many phone companies offer a distinctive ringing feature that allows you to have
several phone numbers on one phone line. When you subscribe to this service, each
number will have a different ring pattern. For example, you can have single, double,
and triple rings for the different numbers. You can set up your HP all-in-one to answer
incoming calls that have a specific ring pattern.
If you connect your HP all-in-one to a line with distinctive ringing, have your telephone
company assign one ring pattern to voice calls and another ring pattern to fax calls.
We recommend that you request double or triple rings for a fax number. When the
HP all-in-one detects the specified ring pattern, it will answer the call and receive the
For example, you might have your telephone company assign double rings to your fax
number and a single ring to your voice number. In this setup, set the

Answer Ring


for your HP all-in-one to

Double Rings

. You can also set the

Rings to


setting to


. When a call comes in with a double ring, the HP all-in-one

answers it after three rings and receives the fax.
If you do not have this service, use the default ring pattern, which is

All Rings


To change the answer ring pattern from the control panel


Verify that your HP all-in-one is set to answer fax calls automatically. For
information, see

Set the answer mode









, and then press



This selects

Advanced Fax Setup

and then selects

Answer Ring Pattern



Press to select an option, and then press



When the phone rings with the ring pattern assigned to your fax phone line, the
HP all-in-one answers the call and receives the fax.

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