HP Officejet 6210 - Send a fax manually from a phone

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Send a fax manually from a phone

You can make a phone call and talk with the recipient before you send your fax. This
method of sending a fax is called manually sending a fax. Sending a fax manually is
useful if you want to make sure the recipient is available to receive the fax before you
send it.
The phone must be connected to the "2-EXT" port on the back of the HP all-in-one.
For information on setting up your HP all-in-one with your phone, see

Fax setup



Load your originals face up in the document feeder tray with the top of the page
on the left.


Dial the number by using the keypad on the phone that is connected to your
HP all-in-one.


You must use the keypad on the phone to dial the number. Do not use the

keypad on the control panel of the HP all-in-one.


Do one of the following:

If after dialing the number you hear fax tones, press

Start Fax Black



Fax Color

within three seconds to send the fax.

If the recipient answers the telephone, you can engage in a conversation
before sending your fax. Once you are ready to send your fax, press the

Start Fax Black


Start Fax Color

button on the control panel.

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HP Officejet 6200 series all-in-one

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The phone line will go silent while the fax is transmitting. At this point, you can
hang up the telephone. If you want to continue speaking with the recipient,
remain on the line until the fax transmission is complete.