HP Officejet 6210 - Send a fax from memory

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Send a fax from memory

You can scan a black-and-white fax into memory and then send the fax from memory.
This feature is useful if the fax number you are trying to reach is busy or temporarily
unavailable. The HP all-in-one scans the originals into memory and sends them once
it is able to connect to the receiving fax machine. After the HP all-in-one scans the
pages into memory, you can immediately remove the originals from the document
feeder tray.

Load your originals face up in the document feeder tray with the top of the page
on the left.


Load your originals in the document feeder tray, and not on the glass. This

feature is not supported if you load your originals on the glass.


In the Fax area, press



How to Fax



Press until

Scan & Fax

appears, and then press




Enter the fax number by using the keypad, press a one-touch speed dial button,
or press

Speed Dial

until the appropriate speed-dial entry appears.



Start Fax Black



If you press

Start Fax Color

, the fax will be sent in black and white and a

message appears on the control panel display.

The HP all-in-one scans the originals into memory and sends the fax when the
receiving fax machine is available. If you want to send all faxes with this setting,
change it to the default. For more information, see

Set new default settings