HP Officejet 6210 - Overview

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If your HP all-in-one is USB-connected, you can share photos with friends and
relatives using your device and the HP software installed on your computer. If you
have a Windows-based computer, use the HP Image Zone software; if you have a
Macintosh, use the HP Instant Share client application software.


A USB-connected device is an HP All-in-One that is connected to a computer

by means of a USB cable and relies on the computer for access to the Internet.

Use HP Instant Share to send images from your HP all-in-one to a destination of your
choice. The destination, for example, can be an e-mail address, an online photo
album, or an online photo finishing service. Availability of services varies by country/


You can also send images to a friend or relative's network-connected HP All-in-

One or photo printer. To send to a device, you must have an HP Passport user ID and
password. The receiving device must be set up and registered with HP Instant Share.
You will also need to obtain the name the recipient assigned to the receiving device.
Further instructions are provided in step 6 in

Send images using your HP all-in-one