HP Officejet 6210 - Device update (Windows)

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Device update (Windows)

Use one of the following to retrieve an update for your device:

Use your Web browser to download an update for your HP all-in-one from


. The file will be a self-extracting executable with the

extension .exe. When you double-click the .exe file, the Device Update Wizard
opens on your computer.

Use the Software Update utility to automatically search the HP support website
for device updates at predetermined intervals.


After the Software Update utility is installed on your computer, it searches

for device updates. If you do not have the latest version of the Software Update
utility at the time of install, a dialog appears on your computer prompting you to
upgrade. Accept the upgrade.

To use device update


Do one of the following:

Double-click the update .exe file you downloaded from



When prompted, accept the device update found by the Software Update

The Device Update Wizard opens on your computer.


At the Welcome screen, click Next.
The Select a Device screen appears.


Select your HP all-in-one from the list, and then click Next.
The Important Information screen appears.


Make sure your computer and device meet the requirements listed.


If you meet the requirements, click Update.
The Updating Device screen appears. A light then begins to flash on the control
panel of your HP all-in-one.
The screen on your control panel display turns green as the update is loaded and
extracted to your device.


Do not disconnect, shut down, or otherwise disturb your device while the update
is occurring.


If you disrupt the update, or an error message indicates the update failed,

call HP support for assistance.

After your HP all-in-one shuts down and restarts, an update complete screen
appears on your computer

Your device is updated. It is now safe to use your HP all-in-one