HP Officejet 6210 - Clean the print cartridge contacts

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Clean the print cartridge contacts

Clean the print cartridge contacts only if you get repeated messages on the control
panel display prompting you to check a print cartridge after you already have cleaned
or aligned the print cartridges.
Before cleaning the print cartridge contacts, remove the print cartridge and verify that
nothing is covering the print cartridge contacts, then reinstall the print cartridge. If you
continue to get messages to check the print cartridges, clean the print cartridge
Make sure you have the following materials available:

Dry foam rubber swabs, lint-free cloth, or any soft material that will not come
apart or leave fibers.

Distilled, filtered, or bottled water (tap water might contain contaminants that can
damage the print cartridges).


Do not use platen cleaners or alcohol to clean the print cartridge

contacts. These can damage the print cartridge or the HP all-in-one.

To clean the print cartridge contacts


Turn on the HP all-in-one and open the print-carriage access door.
The print carriage moves to the far right side of the HP all-in-one.


Wait until the print carriage is idle and silent, and then unplug the power cord
from the back of the HP all-in-one.


When you unplug the power cord, the date and time are erased. You will

need to reset the date and time later, when you plug the power cord back in. For
more information, see

Set the date and time

. Any faxes stored in memory are

also erased.

User Guide


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Lightly press down on the print cartridge to release it, and then pull it toward you
out of the slot.


Do not remove both print cartridges at the same time. Remove and clean

each print cartridge one at a time. Do not leave a print cartridge outside the
HP all-in-one for more than 30 minutes.


Inspect the print cartridge contacts for ink and debris buildup.


Dip a clean foam rubber swab or lint-free cloth into distilled water, and squeeze
any excess water from it.


Hold the print cartridge by its sides.


Clean only the copper-colored contacts. For information on cleaning the ink
nozzle area, see

Clean the area around the ink nozzles


1 Copper-colored contacts
2 Ink nozzles (do not clean)


Slide the print cartridge back into the slot. Push the print cartridge forward until it
clicks into place.


Repeat if necessary for the other print cartridge.

10 Gently close the print-carriage access door and plug the power cord into the back

of the HP all-in-one.