HP Officejet 6210 - Load other types of paper

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Load other types of paper

The following table provides guidelines for loading certain types of paper. For best
results, adjust the paper settings each time you change paper sizes or paper types.
For information on changing paper settings, see the onscreen HP Image Zone Help.


Not all paper sizes and paper types are available with all the functions on the

HP all-in-one. Some paper sizes and paper types can only be used if you are starting
a print job from the Print dialog box in a software application. They are not available
for copying or faxing. Papers that are only available for printing from a software
application are indicated as such, below.



HP papers

HP Premium Paper: Locate the gray arrow on the nonprinting side
of the paper, and then slide the paper into the input tray with the
arrow side facing up.

HP Premium Inkjet Transparency Film: Insert the film so that the
white transparency strip (with arrows and the HP logo) is on top
and is going into the input tray first.


The HP all-in-one cannot automatically detect transparency

film. For best results, set the paper type to transparency film
before printing or copying onto transparency film.

HP Iron-On Transfers: Flatten the transfer sheet completely before
using it; do not load curled sheets. (To prevent curling, keep
transfer sheets sealed in the original package until you are ready
to use them.) Locate the blue stripe on the nonprinting side of the
transfer paper and then manually feed one sheet at a time into the
input tray with the blue stripe facing up.

HP Matte Greeting Cards, HP Photo Greeting Cards, or
HP Textured Greeting Cards: Insert a small stack of HP greeting

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card paper into the input tray with the print side down; slide the
stack of cards forward until it stops.

(for printing from a
software application

Always use letter or A4 label sheets designed for use with HP inkjet
devices (such as Avery inkjet labels), and make sure that the labels are
not more than two years old. Labels on older sheets might peel off
when the paper is pulled through the HP all-in-one, causing
subsequent paper jams.

Fan the stack of labels to make sure none of the pages are
sticking together.


Place a stack of label sheets on top of full-size plain paper in the
input tray, label side down. Do not insert labels one sheet at a time.