HP Officejet 6210 - Use Webscan

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Use Webscan

Webscan lets you perform a basic scan through the HP JetDirect 175x using just a
Web browser. It also lets you perform the scan from your HP all-in-one without the
device software installed on your computer. Just enter the IP address of the
HP JetDirect in a Web browser and access the HP JetDirect embedded Web server
and Webscan.
The user interface for Webscan is unique to using the HP JetDirect and does not
support scan-to destinations like the HP Image Zone scanning software. The e-mail
functionality of Webscan is limited, so it is recommended you use the HP Image Zone
scanning software if you are not connected using the HP JetDirect.

To use Webscan


Briefly press and release the test button on the rear of the HP JetDirect 175x.
The HP JetDirect network configuration page prints on the HP all-in-one.


Enter the IP address of the HP JetDirect (obtained from the network configuration
page) in a Web browser on your computer.
The HP JetDirect Web server opens in the browser window.


Select Scan.


Follow the onscreen instructions.

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